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Adoptees are a part of the problem

I’m writing this with a deep feeling of shame. Eric Garner received no justice today. Mike Brown didn’t either.

I was at the gym when the decision was released about Eric Garner. I saw a Black man looking at one of the TVs hanging from the ceiling. He turned around toward my direction, and I had to look away. I couldn’t make eye contact with him. I was so ashamed.

I’m so ashamed to be an American.

I looked at Black children playing in the playground connected to the gym on my way out. I felt deep guilt because I’m a part of the society that treats them and their parents as secondary citizens. Cops can kill Black people in the US with no impunity.

I really haven’t done anything for the Black community even though I talk about doing something frequently.

I’m all talk.

I’m angry at adoptees, especially Brown adoptees. Many of us, including me, wax on about the injustices that have been done to us. But so many of us have said nothing about Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and countless other Black individuals who have received no justice. When it comes to issues impacting the Black community, many of us, even Black adoptees, react like the White adoptive families who adopted us. We act White. We are White.

I’m a part of the problem.

There are adoptees who cater to adoptive parents, who consider adoptive parents as a big part of their “constituency.” These adoptees often go out of their way to not ruffle the feathers of privileged, White adoptive parents. These adoptees validate the “feelings” of adoptive parents because these adoptees need the parents to listen to them, follow them on social media, buy their movies and books, invite them to speak, donate to their cause, and so on. These adoptees need to be validated by adoptive parents. It’s an effed up coexistence.

Most adoptive parents of color need to be called out for their complacency in regards to  #EricGarner #MikeBrown #BlackLivesMatter.

I know of only one adoption agency that has said anything about Eric Garner and Mike Brown. This fact is disgusting. These are the same organizations that sell Black kids for less than White and Asian kids to White adoptive parents. These are the same organizations that send Black kids to Canada and Western European countries to be adopted.

Adoption is ugly. Often.

White evangelical christians talk about saving African children, but they don’t talk about the plight of Black youth in America. They don’t talk about the adopted African children, now seen by US society as “African Americans”, who are rehomed by their White adopted parents.

Evangelical christianity is hypocritical. Often.

I’m so ashamed. While people are protesting on the streets throughout the country, I’m just sitting here. Venting. Complaining. Feeling bad for myself.

I’m a part of the problem.

~ Kevin H. Vollmers


1 Comment on Adoptees are a part of the problem

  1. Hey, Kevin, check out Shinea Choi Robinson. Not an adoptee but she’s been doing some great commentary.
    I really liked her comeback to the cop who put Garner in a chokehold: “You killed a man, Fuckhead. Condolences aren’t exactly the thing in order here.”

    Thank you for writing this post.

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