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Where’s your integrity, Congressional Coalition on Adoption, Joint Council, and National Council for Adoption?

As all of you know by now, last night Officer Darren Wilson got away with the murder of teenager Mike Brown. Today, various organizations throughout the country, especially those who work on behalf of Black youth, are voicing their concerns over the injustice. However, as of 9:45 am EST, three of adoptions biggest advocates who supposedly care about the lives of Black youth – Congressional Coalition on Adoption, Joint Council on International Children’s Services, and the National Council for Adoption – have said nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not even a short Tweet. Not even a FB status update. They haven’t shared a single article.  Instead, they’ve focused on that fluffy thing called National Adoption Awareness Month and talked about the great time they had last night at a NFL game.

To CCAI, JCICS, and NCFA: You are the same organizations that are ready to immediately start commenting when a possible Black “orphan crisis” happens during a natural disaster, such as the most recent earthquake that hit Haiti. You are quick to respond to White adoptive parents inquiring about “breaking news” in adoption from countries such as Uganda and Ethiopia. Yet, here you are not saying a word about a current issue that significantly impacts Black youth. What does that say about you? What does that say about the adoption agencies, adoption professionals, and adoption professionals you represent? What does that say about your integrity?

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