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…you’re the very air I breathe so I need you, I need that oxygen…

This woman and her husband have 29 adopted children.  Don’t worry though.  They focus on disabled children from Africa, Mexico, Ukraine.  This is…the Worst. Thing. Ever.  Because:  “I just enjoy it. This is my career. I say to my kids, you’re the very air I breathe so I need you, I need that oxygen,”

And:  “With so many young people in the house, discipline can be tricky, things get broken and there are sometimes serious problems to deal with. One boy ran away from home.  Jeane’s faith helps her during difficult moments, she said. And it’s all worth it when she thinks about her kids.”


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6 Comments on …you’re the very air I breathe so I need you, I need that oxygen…

  1. She sounds like a great woman. She’s got a lot of responsibility in her hands and she is awesome for doing this.

  2. She sounds like a terrifying, entitled child collector. “It just happens that you know that these kids are your kids.” How does she know? She “sees an orphan in need” and thinks “Nobody is going to want this child” but her

    Nobody can raise twenty-nine disable children. Not without a staff. I’d guess that, like the Duggars, they have the older children doing an awful lot of the parenting work.

  3. sounds like she’s running her own orphanage

  4. Yes, she sounds like a wonderful woman. Behind every great woman, there are 29 disabled children supplying oxygen so she can muster the energy to pray.

    Perhaps someone should take her off of life support?

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